SEO & Content Marketing Work Together

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SEO Brisbane & Content Marketing


As SEO Brisbane specialists, we often hear people who don’t really understand SEO, but have decided that they ‘don’t like it’ (usually due to a poor experience with an inexperienced SEO company) praise content marketing like it’s a completely different thing. News flash: it isn’t. Content Marketing and SEO are like strawberries and cream – great on their own but put them together and WOW.



SEO tends to be narrower in focus. It’s more technical. It makes demands. SEO requires content – you need words and articles in order to have something to optimise! There are things in SEO that may not appear to be directly related to content marketing, but they all support content marketing.


Content Marketing

Where SEO is focused and technical, content marketing is holistic. When SEO demands, Content answers. Need a blog post to optimise? Content’s got your back. SEO wants to target some new keywords? Let Content provide you with the vehicle to do it. SEO needs link backs? Who you gonna call? Content!


Supporting Roles

SEO and Content Marketing essentially provide the star supporting roles to each other. Why do you need robots.txt? So that search engines can crawl your site and access your content. Why do you need a sitemap? So users can easily find and access your content. Once all technical optimisation tasks are completed, you’ll find that it’s easier for the user to get to that great content. Because the most brilliant, thought-provoking and technically perfect content is wasted if your site isn’t optimised and no one will ever find it.

SEO is constantly hungry for new content – fresh content is rapidly indexed and ranked higher on SERP’s than older content. Even better, if – due to your SEO efforts – your site’s authority level has historically been ranked quite highly, your consistent, fresh content will usually get a boost in the search engine rankings.


Take Aways

SEO & Content Marketing go together like a horse and carriage. You just can’t have one without the other.

A Content Marketing campaign will not achieve the desired results without SEO techniques. An SEO campaign will require great content to be successful.

Bring them together to get the most out of your next online marketing campaign and get the most out of your SEO Brisbane.


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