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Search Engine Optimization – Key Points

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Search Engine Optimization – there’s so much information available, where do you start? What really matters?

Key Points to Remember:

Most people will find your site through search engine rankings.

If a customer cannot find your product, they cannot buy your product.

Social Media supports discovery.

Search Engines aim to help users solve their problems by giving them the best sites to do so.

Search Engine algorithms rely on ‘cues’ to help them determine which sites can best solve users problems.

Use frequently updated, compelling content to gain incoming links.

Aim to create concise, scannable content; most people won’t read the whole page.


Where Are You Ranked? How Do People Find You Online?

What search terms are they using? Are there other (closely related) terms that are getting more traffic that you can target as well? Whereabouts do you sit on the search engine rankings? What search engine optimization changes can you make to get higher?


Social Media

Your social media pages can also rank on search engine listings and they feel more personal than a website. In addition, increased traffic to your site from social media can have a positive impact on your search engine ranking, so make sure that your social media and your website complement each other.


Search Engines Solve Problems

The user enters a question and the search engine finds the sites that are most likely to answer it. What questions are users asking that you can answer? Does your website reflect this?


Search Engine Algorithm Cues

Search Engines are continually monitoring users online behaviour, they use this and other cues to help determine which sites are most likely to answer a user’s search query. Good design plays a key part in this, as does speaking the users language – avoid jargon, made up words or ‘cutesy’ headlines. Use keywords that users are actually entering – as shown below, there can be a massive difference between the singular and plural forms of a search term or by adding/removing a location.

Search Engine Optimization Search Term Examples


Using Content to Gain Quality Incoming Links

Incoming links are an important way to build the authority of your site in the eyes of the search engines. Remember, they exist to solve users problems, if other people are linking to your site it shows the search engines that you must be answering someone’s needs already and thus, can be trusted. Just remember that not all links are created equal and some can do more harm than good. Good search engine optimization will involve building quality links from trusted sites.


Concise, Scannable Content

Want an example? Check out the BBC’s news headlines. On average they use 5 words – that’s around 35 characters to draw readers in. No fluff, no filler; most of us are rarely so concise. There is a multitude of research that shows users rarely read an entire article, rather, they skim over it to find key pieces of information in order to save time. By cutting out fluff, you increase the chance that they’ll read the entire piece, ensuring that your message is clearly received and understood.


Of course, if you don’t want to do all this yourself, you can always contact us for assistance with your search engine optimization, we’d love to help!

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