Investing in GoogleAdWords Management Versus “DIY”

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AdWords Management V DIY


Ensuring that Marketing spend is optimised, and wastage minimised, are key benefits of hiring experts in GoogleAdWords Management.

Research suggests that a common mistake made by businesses is to assume that free AdWords marketing services deliver the same outcomes as Expert GoogleAdWords Management companies like Agile SEO. In reality, they are not comparable in quality or value for money. “Saving” money on an initial outlay or committing to the management of ad words using a free “do it yourself” service or methodology can be a false economy by actually wasting valuable time, effort and Marketing budget.

Businesses in all industries, especially those in competitive markets, need focused and targeted strategies to get the most out of their marketing investment. More and more consumers and prospects are searching online for products and services while more and more companies understand the importance of a strong online presence.

It is good business sense to ensure that all the time involved and financial investment required to launch an online presence is not wasted. To this end, the Technology experts at Agile SEO recommend that the advertising of a business and protection of that online investment – through Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and overall AdWords Management – should be managed by expert specialised SEO Companies.

So what are some of the key reasons companies should hire GoogleAdWords Management experts’ verses “do it yourself” service options….

  • Ad Words Management and Keyword Research Is A Technical Discipline
  • Understanding PPC Terminology Is Required For Success
  • Product and Technology Innovation Analysis and Time Investment
  • Low Conversion Rates Can Be The Result Of Poor Online Content
  • Technical Expertise Reporting Services Are Services Offered With Expert Ad Words Management
  • Landing Page Strategies & Click Fraud Analysis Experience


GoogleAdWords Management and Keyword Research Is A Technical Discipline 

Expert analysis of Ad Words & PPC Management has determined that using poor quality keywords can quickly exhaust an advertising budget and result in campaigns with poor quality returns.

“Do it yourself” free tools and one time only pay per use tools can be used to support advertising campaigns, however these require understanding of the technical disciplines associated in researching key words. Many SEO companies will offer Ad Words Management and keyword research in packages, using multiple data strategies and methods to form a comprehensive picture of the business opportunities available.

Understanding PPC Terminology Is Required For Success

Understanding PPC terminology is what businesses pay the experts for, therefore ensuring that they can get on with the business of doing business.

Impressions, Views, Hits, CPM, CPC, CPA these terms are important in the management of your campaigns. Unless businesses are familiar with the meaning and importance then the recommendation is that “do it yourself” SEO and Keywords management isn’t for you.

Product and Technology Innovation Analysis and Time Investment

Outsourcing Ad Word and Keyword management also ensures that trend and innovation research is completed on behalf of your business. Time investment is key – can a business afford to “do business” and manage keyword management? If not, the experts can deliver.

Low Conversion Rates Can Be The Result Of Poor Online Content

Experts in GoogleAdWords and PPC perform competitive research of online content and study the types of content that bring success to businesses. This service is one of the key strengths associated with expert SEO companies and is exactly the type of service that requires technical expertise.

The “right” online content can elevate your campaigns successful click-through rate and net more conversions, while ‘bad’ copy may convey the wrong message about a site (and its content), resulting in low conversion.

The difference between Expert Ad Words Management services and “Doing It Yourself” opportunities is that the experts already have an understanding of the components that make good versus “bad” content.

Technical Expertise Reporting Services Are Services Offered With Expert Ad Words Management

Good reporting analysis is the key to all good PPC campaigns, these reporting services include not only analysing sales volumes, but where those sales were initiated from. This reporting analysis allows insight into the keywords that are likely to bring the highest number of conversions, therefore saving time, money and energy.

Landing Page Strategies

Content and style relevance is not just an important SEO term, and it’s also key in PPC marketing, too. The less relevant that landing pages are, the more money is spent on conversions. PPC and GoogleAdWords Management experts not only  understand the principles of landing page design, but how to test the principles to optimise a site and support it being found online quickly.

Click Fraud Analysis Experience

Pass on the task of analysing click fraud to the experts. What is click fraud? How is it investigated? How often does it need to be monitored? All questions that an expert will manage on your behalf if hiring an Ad Word Expert.


The recommendation is that hiring a PPC expert can deliver expertise; terminology understanding; innovation and trend analysis; reporting and perhaps most importantly, design strategies and fraud risk mitigation services so you don’t have to.


Agile SEO are experts in GoogleAdWords Management. With Set Up fees currently waived* and prices starting at $99 / month, our AdWords Management Package includes the following services:

  • No lock-in contracts
  • Account setup
  • Installation of Google analytics
  • AdWords landing page optimisation
  • Ad copy writing and testing
  • Sales & lead conversion tracking
  • Conversion optimisation advice
  • Split testing of ads
  • Analytics analysis
  • Mobile ads targeting

AdWords training to ensure that you understand why we do what we do!


Contact us today to discover more!


*as at November 2015

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